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More About The Pearl Foundation

1. You send an email to merch@janisian.com telling us what song you'd like to see offered as sheet music.

2. We get in touch with one of our fabulous transcribers, who gives us a ballpark price.

3. We ask you to donate that amount to the Pearl Foundation, and we order the transcription. (Janis will actually pay the transcriber in most cases.)

4. Once the transcription is done to Janis' satisfaction (and she will personally oversee it to make sure it's correct!), you will get a signed copy of the sheet music first page, postage on us.

5. The sheet music will be the property of Janis Ian/Rude Girl Pub. At first, we'll probably offer it as a free download, but eventually it will join the other sheet music on this site to help raise money for the Pearl Foundation!

"She Must Be Beautiful", "I Am the One", and "Jenny (Iowa Sunrise)" have already been done this way.

And of course, we'll thank you on the order page!!

More About The Pearl Foundation

www.janisian.com is pleased to provide an enormous amount of free content for your enjoyment. Streaming albums, downloads, lyrics, posters, photos, articles - we offer more "free goods" than any other site we know!

Building and maintaining this costs a lot of money, so we encourage you to donate here – not to Janis Ian, but to The Pearl Foundation, an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) tax-deductible organization dedicated to helping adults further their educations. If you think free stuff is cool, think how much cooler it would be to donate a little something here. Whatever you can afford would be great – those small contributions add up in a big way! To date we've raised more than $650,000 in scholarship funds, all due to your generosity.

*100% of these donations goes entirely to the Pearl Foundation*

You can use the convenient PayPal button below.


Send us an email offering a donation in return for something special. See the Pearl Foundation pages for more info!)


The Pearl Foundation / eBay Giving WorksIf you do business on eBay you can now add The Pearl Foundation to your list of supported charities through eBay Giving Works and donate a portion of your transaction. It's an easy way to contribute!

Or if you don't have a computer, you can send a check to:

The Pearl Foundation
Rashford Kruse & Asso.
Post Office Box 121228
Nashville TN 37212

(Please include a note explaining how you found that address without a computer and what exactly you are doing with MP3 files. Thank you.)

You can also explore a few items that benefit The Pearl Foundation 100% by following the URLs below:





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