Tina's Diary (part 1)

Janis' Diary (part 3)

Jim Brock
Richard Davis
Dan Dugmore
Harry Stinson

Billies Bones Day 1/Take 1
Billie's Bones Day 1/Star Take
Billie's Bones Day 2/Take 1
Billie's Bones Day 2/Star Take

Dead Men Walking/Take 1
Dead Men Walking/Star Take

Marching on Glasgow/Take 1
Marching on Glasgow/Star Take

Harry Stinson in the studio
Janis all baffled in
Listen down in control room
Chad Carlson adjusts Janis' vocal mic
Janis tells a story
Jim Brock
Richard Davis & Janis
Studio A control room
Marc in the studio
Richard during tracking

Janis on the End of Day 1

Glossary of Terms
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