We were running three projects simultaneously (and Iíll never do that again!) Ė the live double CD project was still in the compilation stages when we began pre-production on Billie's Bones, we were still re-doing the artwork on all of the old catalogue ( I wound up doing the re-mastering on those 16 albums in-between the overdubs and editing on Billie's Bones) ,and we were working on Billie's Bones. That meant money had to be juggled between the three projects on a daily basis.

As you can see, the money came in dribs and drabs. Fortunately for me, when the BMG money arrived in 2002, we set it aside (though I had to pay taxes on it!) for this project, and that gave us our start-up money. Oh Boy Records gave me half my advance when we began pre-production, which helped enormously.One of the reasons itís so hard to make an independent album and use union musicians and an outside studio is because it has to be funded Ė at least partially Ė up front. Iím fortunate because every company I was working with understood that the musicians, studio, engineers etc. had to be paid as we went along.

When Iím bargaining for lower fees and costs, I always promise that the studio, musician, cartage company, whomever, will be paid within a week of rendering their bill.† The big labels sometimes take up to 60 days to pay; I canít afford to work that way.Portions of each affiliateís advance went where they were needed, with me hoping it would all work out in the end. (And, as I said, updating the budget daily.) Fortunately, all three albums came in on budget, and we managed to pay everyone on time, even though the JVC advance for this record wasnít due until two months after delivery.












Beaver Music (Far East affiliate)

Advance for signing

Received 08-28-03

Live double CD album

Beaver Music

Advance for old catalogue, live CD, new studio CD

Received 08-11-03

Old masters and new CD

BMG Records (former label)


Received 2002

New studio album

Cooking Vinyl (European, South American, Mideastern & African affiliate)

Advance for old catalogue, live CD, new studio CD

Received 08-04-03

New studio album

JVC Victor (Japan affiliate)

Advance for live album

Received 10-30-03

Live double CD album

JVC Victor

Advance for old catalogue

Received 12-07-03

Old masters

JVC Victor

Advance for new studio CD

Due 1-15-04

New studio album

Oh Boy Records (North American, Australian affiliate)

Advance for live CD

Received 02-01-03

Live double CD album

Oh Boy Records

Advance on starting studio CD

Received 04-14-03

New studio album

Oh Boy Records

Advance on turning in studio CD

Received 11-20-03

New studio album