Special thanks from Janis Ian to:

Myself, who thought "Now, wouldn't it be cool if the fans could REALLY see how an album's put together?" and started making a list back in January, 2002.

Tina Abato, who was handed a list of things I thought would be good to have as part of the project, and who then sorted through the items, decided which songs to use, catalogued them and split them into six parts, organized them, and built the MOCD website from the ground up. Who also, over her objections, kept the "news update" diaries for two months while I was recording, and who took all the pictures with an eye to using them for this. And who got stuck with the job of xeroxing, from my song notebooks, all the drafts you see here.

John Leonardini, who oversaw all of the MP3's and editing of the audio files, and cheerfully answered all questions and dealt with all problems regarding same.

Chad Carlson, our second engineer for the tracking and vocal dates, who made the brilliant move of recording the chatter between myself and Dolly.

Pat Snyder, and Dolly's assistant Judy, who thought aloud in Chad's hearing that it would be so cool to have the Dolly/Janis vocal discussions on tape.

Marc Moreau, who kept all the outtakes, chatter between takes, etc, and made way more rough mixes than we actually needed.

Jeff Balding, who along with Marc coordinated the recording sessions in such a way that we could tie this project in with the album's creation.

Lisa Powers, front cover and traycard photographer, who allowed us unlimited use of her photographs.

Michael Camp, New Pair O' Dimes, and, for allowing us the space to post such a massive endeavor.

All our record company affiliates - Oh Boy Records, JVC/Victor Japan, Cooking Vinyl, and Beaver Records - for agreeing to this project and our use of the various tracks.

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