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  • Janis Ian with smoke - photo by Peter Cunningham
  • Janis Ian onstage 01 - photo by Peter Cunningham
  • Janis Ian laughing onstage - photo by Peter Cunningham
  • Janis Ian & Joan Baez hugging - photo by Jane Cleland
  • Janis Ian with Odetta, Helen Reddy, Jewel, & Judy Collins at Madison Square Garden
  • Janis Ian & Mel Torme - photo Stan Schnier
  • Janis Ian & Chick Corea
  • Janis Ian, Gillian Welch, & Dave Rawlings - photo Pat Snyder
  • Janis Ian & Ronnie Gilbert at the Astraea Foundation Awards
  • Janis Ian & Natalia Zukerman - photo Debra Hyslop


1. Please do not send press or appearance requests directly to Janis. They will be discarded. See below for the correct contact information.

2. Do not send emails to multiple addresses on this page. Choose the entity you need to reach and only email that entity. Multiple emails - for instance, copying everyone on this page - will not be answered. You will only annoy everyone. The descriptions below are quite clear; choose carefully.

Thank you.

Godzilla Haiku

If you would like to submit a Godzilla haiku for Janis' Facebook page, please review the rules and then submit via email!

All licensing inquiries (music, prose, foreign rights):

For music/prose licenses, please contact us via .
For master rights/synch licenses, please contact us via .

Press & publicity inquiries:

Live Appearances (concerts, lectures, speeches, television, theater):

North America

APA Agency
Primary contact: Kath Buckell

Secondary contact only if you know him already!
Steve Martin (if you know him, you have his information...)


Paul Fenn
+44 (20) 7387 5090

EVERYTHING ELSE (Including Pearl Foundation Living Room Concerts)

Judy R. Somers

More information on Living Room Concerts

Read about master classes.

Record label:

Worldwide excluding Japan: Rude Girl Records & affiliates

Japan: Sony Music Japan

All other inquiries:

* including website, merchandise, charity, and whatever else!

Contact Judy R. Somers via . She can probably help, but she doesn't work weekends!!!


Janis receives, and reads, all her own email. However, it's not possible for her to respond personally. Still, we promise, she does read them all herself. Do not send donation requests, lyrics, music files, large photo files, press or live appearance requests to Janis; they will be deleted before she even sees them!

Please do not email Janis asking when she's playing in your area, or requesting to be informed of same. Instead, join the mailing list for monthly schedule updates! Thanks.

* Janis can not send autographs or signed photos. Period. Please do not ask for these, because we feel rude ignoring your request, which is what we'll have to do. Autographs are available at live shows, and during the 'Christmas in August' sale. Go here to be informed of sale events!


Steve Wilkison / Digital Vision Media

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Society's Child: My Autobiography Paperback now available

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