When I grew up there were no other teenagers whose goal was to become a folk singer. I entered the music industry knowing absolutely nothing about anything, and continued in blissful ignorance for decades. When I began writing for Perfsong their very first issue, after taking a seven-hour coffee break with publisher Lydia Hutchinson. I hoped to present a series of "how to" and "how not to" articles for people like myself. Having realized since just how many of us live our lives in a vacuum, with few writers or performers to share our experiences and even fewer to offer us guidance, I've gradually turned the articles toward the problems we all face in our daily lives - everything from How To Be A Good Boss to struggling with strange foods like Fisheye Soup and Lobster Sushi (yes, still alive).

146. PERFORMING SONGWRITER DRAFT - "MY EVIL TWIN": 6 heavily annotated pages, written October 1996. With a copy of the original Performing Songwriter magazine featuring this article. I woke up one day and realized I'd been looking at another singer's career with envy and anger, acutely aware that the choices offered to me as I turned 45 were not the ones I'd taken for granted at 25. I was ashamed of myself, and tried to work out in print where to go next. This is the most popular article I've written for them, and received the most comments.

147. PERFORMING SONGWRITER NOTES - "MERCHANDISING 101": Written on the back of a large manilla envelope, covering most of it, summer 1996. A real look at the first ideas that eventually generate a complete article. With a copy of the original Performing Songwriter magazine featuring this article. This article is problematic for me, because Sheri Halton (the person I cited as running my merchandise in the article) later had to be fired. However, the article is a good one. I took the original notes sitting in a van during a European tour. I don't think they'd make much sense unless you had them right next to the articles, but it's a cool thing to have all of it scribbled out on the back of a large envelope!

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