(Although most of us in the United States are familiar with Janis through "Society's Child", "Jesse", and "At Seventeen", her overseas audience knows a different Janis entirely. Queen of Disco in Australia, South Africa and Israel; known for her collaborative work with Dutch artists in Holland, with a string of #1 records there like "The Other Side of the Sun"; remembered in Japan for "Love Is Blind", "When the Rainbow's Gone", "You Are Love". The fact that these albums came out at all is testimony to her thriving overseas career.)

Well, all that's very well, but the bottom line is that my work has allowed me to visit places and see things no one in my family has ever been able to do. The furthest either of my parents went was Niagara Falls for their honeymoon. I've been very, very lucky.

322. JANIS IAN - REMEMBER: LIVE IN JAPAN 1978: One copy of a two record set with shrinkwrap & inserts. A live album recorded on 24-track at two Japanese concerts, it includes live versions of Hymn, When the Party's Over, I want to Make You Love Me, Jesse, Watercolors, New York In the Springtime (unreleased), In the Winter, Applause, Party Lights, Hotels & One Night Stands, Love Is Blind, Miracle Row, Maria, Let Me Be Lonely, Boy I Really Tied One On, Take To the Sky, At Seventeen, Will You Dance?, I Would Like To Dance, and Bright Lights & Promises. Stunning artwork and design, in English with Japanese banners.

323. BEST OF JANIS IAN FROM JAPAN: With shrinkwrap and inserts; never released in any other territory, artwork never used anywhere else. Credits and label in English with Japanese banners. Includes Will You Dance?, Love Is Blind, Jesse, I Would Like To Dance, In the Winter, Stars, At Seventeen, Between the Lines, Take To the Sky, Bright Lights and Promises, Miracle Row/Maria. Not a live album, but in great shape. I didn't even know it was possible for an American artist to tour Japan until my then-manager called me one day in 1976 to tell me the single "Love Is Blind" had been #1 on their charts for six months. For my first tour I sent a ten-page telex of everything I wanted to see, from Katsura Village tea garden to Kabuki and Noh Theater. Apparently most Western artists had hidden in their hotel rooms eating hamburgers before me, because the telex made banner headlines and was quoted extensively in the newspapers.

324-326. COMPLETE JAPANESE "CBS CATALOGUE" CD SETS: Three complete CD sets of Janis Ian's Sony Japan catalogue, never opened, lyrics and credits in English and Japanese with Japanese banners, pressed and created in Japan; includes a few songs used on films there and unreleased in the US. Stars, Between the Lines, Aftertones, Miracle Row, Janis Ian II, Night Rains, and Restless Eyes. Minimum bid for each $100.00. Again, it's unfortunate that the audio quality on foreign product is usually so much higher than our own. After the success of Aftertones, I continued to have hits with other songs that weren't released in this country; some of those are included in these Japanese versions of the albums.

327. UP 'TIL NOW - JAPAN: One copy of a Japanese version of Up 'Til Now, a 17-song "Best Of" collection. Inludes Stars, Jesse, From Me To You, In the Winter, at Seventeen, I Would Like To Dance, Love Is Blind, Party Lights, Will You Dance?, Miracle Row, Do You Wanna Dance?, Silly Habits, The Other Side of the Sun, Fly Too High, Jenny (Iowa Sunrise), Passion Play, and This Night (unreleased track). When I "came back to performing" around 1991, Japan was the first place I wanted to go. I missed my friends there. I missed the smells, the sights, the sounds. Mostly, I missed the people. And the sushi, of course.

328. 3 VINYL ALBUMS FROM JAPAN: The original Japanese issues, with same songs as US versions but much better color and quality, credits and lyrics in English with Japanese banners, with shrinkwrap. Includes Stars, Between the Lines, and Aftertones, all in shrinkwrap. Sold as a lot. Oh man. When I look at the color on these I wish we could go back to doing albums instead of CD's!

329. MY FAVOURITES (DUTCH "BEST OF" COMPILATION) & DUTCH VINYL ALBUM PRESENT COMPANY: Dutch compilation of 12 songs picked by Janis in 1980, including Fly Too High, Between the Lines, Stars, Love Is Blind, In the Winter, At Seventeen, Jesse, Aftertones, Miracle Row/Maria, That Grand Illusion, The Other Side of the Sun, When the Party's Over; in good condition, along with Dutch copy of Present Company album, single cover, infinitely better color than US versions, tear on bottom right of back and slight wear on edges. Sold as a lot. The Dutch have always been especially good to me, financing albums when no one else would, coming to concerts long after the hits were over.

330. 3 VINYL ALBUMS FROM HOLLAND: The original Dutch issues, same songs as US version but better color and quality, all credits and lyrics in English. Includes Between the Lines (insert taped at sides; again, much better color quality than the US versions), Aftertones (small tear on top, tape marks, no insert [Dutch version did not come with one]), and Night Rains (two small tears on bottom right of back cover and insert has been taped on side). Sold as a lot. One of the most extraordinary moments in my life came when a CBS rep named Leo took me for an hour ride into the forest. We eventually came upon a small clearing with what looked like a house in the middle. The "house" turned out to be a charming country restaurant owned by a friend of his. We ate rabbit and sat before the roaring fire, glad to be out of the late fall chill. His friend apparently knew I was a Billie Holiday fan, and brought me a copy of a tape he'd made years and years before. It was Billie Holiday live, illegally but wonderfully taped during one of her last concert appearances. I treasure it still.

331. DUTCH COPY OF NIGHT RAINS & DUTCH SINGLE OF "FLY TOO HIGH" b/w LIVE VERSION OF "HERE COMES THE NIGHT": Night Rains copy is worn at edges with Janis' checkmarks on several songs on back cover, original insert; better color and sound quality than the US releases. Dutch vinyl single has "Fly Too High" on one side, and live version of "Here Comes the Night" on the other, recorded at Circustheatre, Den Haag, October 23, 1991. As I've said before in this auction, I think the live versions of "Here Comes the Night" really beat the pants off the record. Then again, that's just an opinion....

332-334. DUTCH SINGLE OF "FLY TOO HIGH" b/w LIVE VERSION OF "HERE COMES THE NIGHT": Dutch vinyl single with color covers has "Fly Too High" on one side, and live version of "Here Comes the Night" on the other, recorded at Circustheatre, Den Haag, October 23, 1991. 3 copies available, one each to the three highest bidders. The coolest thing about having a hit as big as "Fly Too High" in Holland is doing the huge open-air concerts they hold through the spring and summer. Can you imagine being up on stage and having 35,000 people dancing and singing your song back to you?!

335. AUSTRALIAN SINGLE OF "RESTLESS EYES" b/w "I REMEMBER YESTERDAY" (1981): With dustjacket. Festival Records of Australia funded Stars and Between the Lines when no US company would, so I've owed them for a long time. They were the first country "Fly Too High" went #1 in, and I have a number of platinum records courtesy their citizenry!

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