I discovered these stored in my mother's bedroom closet as I began packing her files three years ago; when I said "Mom, you always saved everything!" she just smiled and said "You were always my daughter..."

All vinyl has been visually checked for warping & scratches, and appears to be in fine shape.

296. HAVE MERCY LOVE (1971): Frank Music Publishing acetate, just Janis' guitar & vocal, with old xerox of Janis' original leadsheet in dustjacket; bubbles at very edges. Made by hand in the pre-cassette days! Minimum bid $100.00. Frank Music signed me to a non-paying publishing deal in 1971, when I'd been turned down by every publisher in the country. I kept playing acetates of "Jesse" for publishers, who would always keep them and take them home, but would never sign me. Frank Loesser and Bert Haber gave me an office, a piano to work with, and their confidence, plus money to go in and record work versions of new songs like this one.

297-298. SOCIETY'S CHILD b/w LETTER TO JON (1966): Original Verve Folkways single with torn dustjacket. One copy to each of the two highest bidders. These are my mom's copies of the single, from the first batch they made up.

299. JANEY'S BLUES b/w EVERYBODY KNOWS (1968): Original Verve Forecast single, stained & sliced along one edge dustjacket. Also Mom's copy, she was appalled that I'd used my friend Janey's name in a song!

300. UNDER THE COVERS (1981): On both sides of the single, one side with offensive lyric beeped, both sides of color cover a bit torn, with dustjacket. Isn't it amazing that this sort of thing still happens? can you imagine beeping this song now?

301-303. 3 COMPLETE SETS OF JANIS' ENTIRE RECORDED CATALOGUE 1966-1998: Straight from her mother's closet with many in the original, unopened shrinkwrap. Includes Janis Ian I, A Song For All the Seasons Of Your Mind, The Secret Life Of J. Eddy Fink, Who Really Cares, Present Company, Stars, Between the Lines, Aftertones, Miracle Row, Janis Ian II, Night Rains, Restless Eyes (all of the former vinyl), and CD's of Uncle Wonderful, Japanese edition of Breaking Silence (same songs, better quality), Revenge, Hunger, as well as the Dutch single of Fly Too High b/w live version of Here Comes the Night. Her entire 16-album catalogue, all in one place. One set to each of the three highest bidders; high bid gets best set (most unopened vinyl). Minimum bid for each: $220.00. Scary. Very scary. I had no idea until I embarked on this auction that I'd written so many songs, or made 16 albums - not counting the live albums, the "best of" collections, or the single things like my work with Sesame Street, Mel Torme and John Mellencamp. I find it astounding. It makes me feel radically humble to think that after 35 years as a songwriter/performer and 32 as a recording artist (even if I DID start when I was twelve...), I can still make a living doing something I love so much. It sounds cliched to say so, but it's true.

304. 14-SONG DEMO TAPE: Made by Janis while seeking publishing and recording deals in @1991. Includes 10 songs sung by Janis; 7 of the songs on this tape are unrecorded to this date, including Lone Ranger Days, Love Longing to Fly etc. The story of my life - instead of writing Searching for America perhaps I should have written Searching For A Deal!

305-309. HUNGER SONGS (1997/1998): 5 cassettes, hand-titled by Janis, of songs for consideration on the Hunger album, all worktapes (vocal/guitar, made in her living room straight to DAT or cassette): Welcome to Acousticville, Honor Them All, Searching for America, Dark Side of Town, House Without A Heart, & 5 unpublished songs; used to try and secure a recording deal. When Beacon Records signed me for Revenge I heaved a sigh of relief, thinking my search was over. Little did I know that 14 months later I'd be out on the street again, hoping someone would call.

310. BREAKING SILENCE UNMASTERED CONTACT CASSETTES (1991): Two unmastered cassettes from Janis' management office, labelled with contact info and used in seeking a record deal for that CD. Yes, the same CD we mortgaged our house to make. Once we'd finished recording and mixing, we sat back and held our breaths. It still took a really long time to be released in the US; it came out first in Holland and Japan.

311. BREAKING SILENCE UNMASTERED ADVANCE RELEASE CASSETTE (1992): One unmastered advance release cassette from Morgan Creek, still in shrinkwrap. I think it's indicative of everyone's low expectations for this album that the advance releases for press and radio were cassettes, not CD's - boy were they surprised when we got the Grammy nomination!

312. FLY TOO HIGH: 12" single version with black and white covers; 3 copies, one to each of the three highest bidders. Even though the single wasn't a roaring success at home, it was such a huge success all over the rest of the world that CBS went ahead and printed up a limited amount of these singles, mostly for disco use.

313-315. A SONG FOR ALL THE SEASONS OF YOUR MIND: 3 copies, each with Disk Jockey hole (hole punched in corner by record company to ensure there would be no resales). One each to the three highest bidders. This was my second album, the follow-up to "Society's Child". And boy was I terrified. And mad. So many people had been angry over "Society's Child", spitting at me in the street, sending razor blades in the mail, that I was terrified about making the next album. To make matters worse, my parents were starting to have problems and talking about splitting up. I retreated into the piano, which is where most of this album was composed. If I think about it now, I only had five months between when "Society's Child" hit the top twenty and when I had to have the songs finished for this album - way too short a time frame.

316-317. PRESENT COMPANY: One excellent copy with a single cover, one all right quality with double cover and disk jockey hole. We did this album after I managed to obtain a release from Verve/MGM (now Polygram, and a completely different company). Capitol Records had just started a new division headed by an admirer of mine, who I think probably signed me hoping I'd made hits. Instead I made a very long transitional album, filled with experimental songs. I had a great time making it though, staying in Marin County with Jerry Corbett, going into Berkeley every day for the recording. Even got Charlie Daniels to take a couple of guitar solos! A very young album by my present standards. Transitional, like I said. Anyone listening to this would, I think, be very surprised that the same writer could come up with "Stars" and "Jesse" just one or two years later.

318-320. SIGNATURES: Features Kye Fleming singing She Must Be Beautiful and Every Love (both written by Kye & Janis), unopened, with shrinkwrap. As far as I know, this is the only recording of "She Must Be Beautiful" out there, one of the loveliest songs I've ever worked on. The album was a great idea on the part of the record company - put out one album a year featuring four of the best songwriters in Nashville, singing their own stuff.

321. FLY TOO HIGH: Double-sided vinyl single, first issue of same in 1979, with dust jacket.

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