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Monthly Update

January 30, 2015

Godzilla New Year's haiku

Godzilla New Year's haiku

Happy New Year! Is it really 2015?

Is that even possible?!

Most of the people I grew up with didn't expect to live past our early 20's, let alone into our 60's. This is astonishing.

More astonishing, the Pearl Foundation has now given away more than $800,000 in scholarship funds for returning students! And that's the main point of this update blast.

On January 31st at 7 am CST, www.janisian.com will go live with its newly-annual "White Sale" benefiting the Foundation. In addition to knocking prices down to ridiculous levels (and not changing the postage fees to compensate!), we have some extraordinary items this year. For instance:

G7th Performance Capo covered in Swarovski Crystal Elements

G7th Performance Capo covered in Swarovski Crystal Elements

Want to lick your chops? Try this G7th bling, covered in Swarovski Crystal Elements - 9 of these capos in the entire world, and we've got one of them!

Maybe you're interested in a guitar, or a microphone? We've got those, too.

Or perhaps you can't make one of my upcoming gigs, and much as you love the video of "I'm Still Standing" shot at Fur Peace Ranch, you'd really like to own a copy of Strictly Solo - only it's not for sale anywhere except live shows.

Tiny alien dog topples, exhausted, onto captured elephant

Tiny Alien Dog topples, exhausted, onto captured elephant

Maybe you collect autographs? Any three of your items can be signed and personalized during the sale (except the D'Addario Music Box, which were pre-packed by me because there are nine, and they just fit in the flat rate box….) Put your request in the "Comments" section when you order, and we'll make it happen. (No, I can not write out the entire lyric to a song you like on the front of a capo. You can buy handwritten lyrics here instead!)

Vanessa Carr with "Lonely One"

Vanessa Carr with "Lonely One"

We've also re-created three early songbooks so the transcriptions are easy to read, with some new artwork, and layouts donated by Amy Hoffman (thank you!). There are recent sheet music transcriptions donated by fans, including "When Angels Cry" and "Marching on Glasgow" - check out Vanessa holding up her signed copy of "Lonely One" in this update! We've had several people order these as gifts - a great way to help increase Pearl sales and at the same time, give someone a one-of-a-kind present.

Good gosh, that's just a start. The Stella Adler DVD set is back, we have children's books and audio books from Brilliance, G7th have donated 12 of their 24K plate Performance 2 capos, there are rare DVD and CD sets... need I go on?!

Ken & Lisa backstage-photo Debra Hyslop

Ken & Lisa backstage at Bridge Street Live, photo Debra Hyslop

Yes, I must go on. Because you can also get discounts on things like Roadie-For-A-Day and wind up like Ken and Lisa here, helping us unload gear, set the stage, carry heavy boxes of merchandise, change guitar strings… wait, people pay for that?! Heck, yeah! We had a lovely dinner backstage with them at Bridge Street Live before the show, too, and of course, they got crew passes and good seats for the show!

The sale will end February 8th, 11:59 pm CST, so get in there soon! And remember - 100% of what you spend on the website this week will go to the Pearl Foundation, and half of anything you spend on my gear at Carter Vintage will go there as well! (Give a cheer - Walter and Christie are also donating half their normal commission to Pearl!)

Gracie Mae Stuffy

Gracie Mae Stuffy

Okay, 'nuff said. Here's the rest of the news:

My wife Pat had right knee replacement surgery and her recovery has been fantastic. Of course, it didn't hurt that Gracie Mae immediately decided to spend the holidays as a personal foot warmer and care-taker. As you can see from the photos, it exhausted her completely. Only a stuffy would compensate.

Just posted Facebook Godzilla haiku #257 - I can't find time to post every day on my own forum, but if any member wants to take that on, they're welcome to! I'm having to write more and more of them myself now, which is providing some much-needed comic relief from my work schedule.

Godzilla haiku 254

Godzilla haiku 254

Speaking of which, dear friend Tom Paxton, who was at my first-ever "real" show when I was just 13 years old, is "retiring" from the brutal tour schedule he's always kept at the end of this year. To celebrate, we're doing a batch of gigs with sidekick Robin Bullock. Those of you who saw us in the UK last year know what a wonderful evening this is! I sing on his songs, and Tom takes a solo turn on my own "Through the Years", making me tear up pretty much every time. We both take "step-outs" on our own, but most of the show is all three of us singing, playing, and in general having a rip-roaring time. There's talk of adding second shows/dates in New York and Berkeley, so stay tuned to my website for more news! (Remember, you can join the RSS Feed and get notifications when "Hot News" items and tour dates are added! It's not that scary - even I could follow Steve's directions.)

2003 Wedding Group

2003 Wedding Group
photo by Steve Payne, courtesy NY Times

A Very Exciting Announcement Now!!! As some of you know, George R R Martin was among the five people attending our "formal" wedding (Dave Axler, Mike & Carol Resnick, George, and Parris McBride are in the photo. And of course, Pat and me.) He and Parris have long been good friends to us, and stalwart supporters of the Pearl Foundation. In fact, I recently narrated a story by Elizabeth Bear for GRRM's upcoming book "Old Venus", due out late March.

Here's the cool: on February 22 & 23 I will be performing at the Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe, NM - and midway through each show, will be "In Conversation" with George for 30+ minutes! We haven't done anything professional together before, so we're really excited! For more information visit the Cocteau Cinema events page.

That's all for now, folks. I'll try to do these more regularly, but realistically, four times a year is about what I can handle these days.

Hope you've got more spare time than me!

All the best for the New Year,

Janis Ian


* Godzilla is a registered trademark of Toho Co. Ltd!

Hot News
  • Janis enters into a partnership with Sony UK!

    Janis Ian and her independent label, Rude Girl Records, are pleased to announce a partnership with the Legacy Division of Sony Music UK. The planned releases of fifteen albums, spanning more than 40 years of music, will include expanded reissues on CD and audiophile vinyl, new collections with previously unheard early versions of some of the most popular songs (including original demos and worktapes), and an immediate digital rollout of the original albums.

  • New Audiobook: Course Correction

    Course Correction, the new book by Olympic silver medalist Ginny Gilder, is available today at libro.fm as an audiobook narrated by Janis Ian. Described as Wild meets The Boys in the Boat, Course Correction is a memoir about the quest for Olympic gold and the triumph of love over fear.

  • Our Forums are back!

    Yes, the website forums were down for a short time while we upgraded the software, but we're back up with better security and the same great group of users.

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