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Monthly Update

October 5, 2012

Time to pack. I look at the schedule in horror. 15 days without laundry. How did this happen? Fire the manager!

Oh, wait. That would be me.

On show days I go through 3 outfits (street clothes and two sets of stage). How will I fit all that in the van? Good thing I'm not tall.

I work off a five page master packing list. It holds everything I've ever needed ontour. I assume I can eliminate at least half, since I don't need foreign currency, passport, or knee pads.

Wrong. Still four pages.

Two hanging bags, suitcase, two guitars, a large gear box filled with cables, strings, mics, pedals, for stage. A suitcase, computer bag, and home traction kit for me.. Plus a "spares bag" that holds the second half of those 15 days. Also an old spare computer in its original box.

This can't be. Must ramp down. I take a half day, unpack everything, lose two T-shirts and a pair of socks.Then I add my sneakers.

Janis & Gracie Mae

Janis & Gracie Mae

Oh wait! We're going to Maine. In the winter. Thank God the spares bag is expandable. I manage to stuff vest, hat, scarf, gloves in, though I can't close it until I sit on it while holding our new puppy, Gracie Mae. Who has quadrupled in size and weight in the past month. Hm. Perhaps I should just put everything inside her. She's obviously expanding.

This doesn't include merchandise, posters, paperwork. Not to mention our new credit card machine, the Square, which we will attach to our new iPad while facing East and saying strenuous prayers for its good health and reliability

Gracie At Work

Gracie At Work

Feeling managerial, I talk with my agents. None of the folk shows are selling well this season. Ditto jazz, Celtic, "indie" and "Americana", whatever they are now. There are clear reasons, and I posted them all in my own forum here as well as here, on my own Facebook page. I suggest going to the forum, since Facebook arbitrarily removes my posts when I'm not looking. I'm too busy packing to keep up anyway.

Janis & Bette Midler

Janis & Bette Midler

I've had a few distractions. Bette Midler and I spent a day working on a lovely song called "I Will Bring You Spring." I've been telling her she should try writing songs since I first met her, back around 1974 - and for a first-time songwriter she was incredible. Pat and I spent the next evening eating sushi with Bette and her husband Martin, laughing a lot. I feel better afterwards; I bet even Bette Midler has to pack when she goes on tour. Though probably not as many bags. Or maybe more. She's taller than I am.

Gracie Mae is one of the great teethers of all time, so I'm doubly grateful to Karensews for the cool Rude Girl stuffy. Also to whoever invented ice cubes, which provide her with a cheap fun way to ruin the kitchen floor while chewing on them.

Front: Don Henry, Gretchen Peters, Janis, Susan McCluskey, Back: Daryl Purpose, Diana Jones, Barry Walsh, Walter Egan, Photo by Debra Hyslop

Front: Don Henry, Gretchen Peters, Janis, Susan McCluskey, Back: Daryl Purpose, Diana Jones, Barry Walsh, Walter Egan, Photo by Debra Hyslop

Spent a great night at the Belcourt with Walter Egan, Don Henry, Diana Jones, Gretchen Peters, Darryl Purpose and Barry Walsh. Left wishing we could take it on the road. In fact, Diana will be on the road with me for a few shows, and I'll be working with Tom Paxton as well.

Uh oh. Just remembered I'm in the studio tomorrow laying down new songs, and at the Bluebird Saturday. Well, that leaves Sunday to re-pack...

Janis Ian


Hot News
  • Early Christmas Sale A Success!

    The Pearl Foundation sale is over, and I'm enormously pleased to report that we raised a little over $14,000 in just a week! I think (I hope) that means we'll hit the $950,000 mark at the end of the year, and be able to distribute a decent amount to each scholarship we're currently funding.

  • Pearl Foundation sale hits $10,000!

    Thanks to all of you, by the third day our sale passed $10,000. We have run out of Breaking Silence (more will arrive Wednesday), the big specials are going gung-ho (phone calls and lunches with Janis, hand written lyrics), and the D'Addario Musician's Box is finally moving. Thank you one and all!!

  • Our "Early Christmas" Sale Is Happening Now! 

    Our "Early Christmas" benefit sale begins Saturday, October 15th at 6:00AM (CST)! It will last for one week, closing on Saturday, October 22nd at 6:00PM (CST).

    We've a brand new, much improved store and tons of new items (Breaking Silence CD's, album downloads, D'Addario Musician's Boxes, and much more).

    Deep, deep discounts store-wide, and remember - every cent you spend during the sale goes to The Pearl Foundation!

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