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  • Janis Ian with Charles de Lint - photo by Amy Logan
  • Peformers backstage at the Pete Seeger Tribute - photo by K T Panetta
  • Janis Ian with Bruce Cockburn- photo by K T Panetta
  • Janis Ian with Ronnie Gilbert, Holly Near & Odetta- photo by K T Panetta
  • Janis Ian with Lari White
  • Janis Ian with Phoebe Snow - photo by Mark
  • Janis Ian with Wavy Gravy
  • Janis Ian with Shadow Morton - photo by Gilbert
  • Janis Ian with Harlan Ellison - photo by M C Valada
  • Janis Ian with Judy Collins & Leonard Cohen - photo by Peter Cunningham
Monthly Update

November 15, 2011

The beautiful Lowry Theatre

The beautiful Lowry Theatre

Thank you every one of you! Your participation in the Christmas In August sale managed to put close to $10,000 into the Pearl Foundation coffers; between merchandise sales on and off the road, donations, living room concerts, and this auction, we have surpassed last year's half million mark – and one day, someday, I'm confident we'll hit that magic million! Not bad, for a small foundation that does no advertising and has only existed since 1998. So thank you one and all.

Janis and Dame Cleo Laine

Janis and Dame Cleo Laine

As I write this, I'm just finishing up my 30-date tour of the UK and Benelux, and what a fabulous time I've had. This is absolutely the best tour I've done in decades, with many, many special moments. I taped a BBC Songwriter's Circle with Neil Finn, performed for Dame Cleo Laine, and got a four star review in the London Times! Tonight is my last solo concert of the year, at Leeds Variety Theatre; tomorrow Lee and I head home for some well-earned R&R.

The beautiful Lowry Theatre

Janis at Cadogan Hall - Mick Ratman

Our year-end fund-raiser is the fourth annual Message Board Auction. The auction is run entirely by fans, via the Janis Ian Forums on my website. As in previous years, it will be run by Hoops, with Kathleen Brogan acting as banker. The auction itself will begin November 20 at 9 pm Central Standard Time, and end December 5th, also at 9pm Central. On November 17th, two new message boards will magically appear, and people will begin posting their items. Posting ends the 20th just before 9PM CST. All items to be posted must be pre-approved by Hoops! Please contact her at Hoops@janisian.com for information.

The Netherlands Crew

The Netherlands Crew

There are new rules. Those of you who've participated in previous auctions, please make sure you read the rules again!!

Some of the items you'll be seeing: Billie's Bones and Folk Is the New Black tour VIP laminates, a fingerprint kit created to publicize god & the fbi, old old archival postcards of yours truly… as well as home grown DVD's of the BBC Songwriter's Circle television special with myself, Neil Finn, and Ryan Adams. A Rude Girl jacket with logo on the back, Hoops' “Rudie fan starter set”, and my own tour book from the past 60 days overseas!!

One used itinerary, up for grabs!

One used itinerary, up for grabs!

Fans are encouraged to donate whatever items they think the market will bear, and the items do not have to be “Janis Ian-specific.” Just remember that peoples' funds are limited, so the items should be interesting – and shippable!

Thank you one and all in advance for your generosity, and see you soon!

Janis Ian






Hot News
  • Stars audiobook on CD finally available here!

    Stars: Original Stories Based on the Songs of Janis Ian is now available in our online store as a CD audio book. Featuring original short stories by 30 top SF writers, including one by Janis, with her singing the prologue to each and narrating many.

  • The Singer & The Song & Stars both nominated for 2015 Audie Awards!

    Two projects very dear to Janis' heart have both been nominated for prestigous Audie Awards! The audiobook for Miriam Therese Winter's The Singer & The Song, as well as the audiobook for the Stars anthology of science fiction songs based on songs by Janis, have both been honored with nominations.

  • And now, on to the tour!

    As you can see on the right, I'll be touring with Tom Paxton - and doing some solo shows - a lot this spring!

[more hot news]

Tour Dates

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All tour dates updated on April 19, 2015

  • Sat Apr 25 2/ Tom Paxton

    Freight & Salvage, Berkeley, CA

    Freight & Salvage

    Berkeley, CA

    Phone: (510) 644-2020 Ext: 120

    Visit the venue's website

    Tom Paxton was at Janis' very first public show, at New York's famed Village Gate. Janis was just 13 years old. She received a standing ovation but since she was nervous and already headed back to her seat, she had no idea it was happening. (She also hadn't attended enough concerts to know that you were supposed to take an encore!) Tom, along with Lou Gossett Jr and a couple of other performers, urged her to "Go back, kid! Go back!"

    The show these two old friends put on, with the able assistance of multi-instrumentalistextraordinaire Robin Bullock, is living proof that "The sum is greater than the parts." In addition to singing old favorites like "Ramblin' Boy" and "At 17", they sing one another's songs, add harmony and instrumentals, and share the stage for far too short a time.
    Don't miss it!

  • Sun Apr 26 w/ Tom Paxton

    Freight & Salvage, Berkeley, CA

    Freight & Salvage

    Berkeley, CA

    Phone: 510-644-2020

    Visit the venue's website

    Second night added!

  • Wed Apr 29

    Tales From the Tavern, Santa Ynez, CA, N/A

    Tales From the Tavern

    Santa Ynez, CA, N/A

    Phone: 805-688-0383

    Visit the venue's website

    A return engagement, at Janis' request! We had the best time here a little while ago, and this promises to be just as much fun.

  • Thur April 30

    Tower Theatre, Fresno, CA

    Tower Theatre

    Fresno, CA

    Phone: (559)485-9050

    Visit the venue's website

  • Sat May 2 SOLD OUT

    AMSDconcerts at Sweetwater Union HS Theater, San Diego, CA

    AMSDconcerts at Sweetwater Union HS Theater

    San Diego, CA

    Phone: 619-303-8176

    Visit the venue's website

  • Sat July 18

    RiverSong Music Festival, Hutchinson, MN

    RiverSong Music Festival

    Hutchinson, MN

    Phone: (320) 587-2599

    Visit the venue's website

    Janis and RiverSong have been trying to find a date that works for years now - so glad this is finally happening! 

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