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Monthly Update
My own personal gray whale!

My own personal gray whale!

Snow Leopard Cub

Snow leopard cub

Anne McCaffrey and Andre Norton

Anne McCaffrey and Andre Norton

Janis by James Glossop of the London Times

Janis by James Glossop of the London Times

Netherlands Crew

Netherlands crew

December 2, 2011

Wow, yet another amazing year! I travelled from Tokyo to London, from Florida to California, pausing to catch my breath in Nashville once in a while. Taped a BBC Songwriter Special with Neil Finn and Ryan Adams, scratched a gray whale's throat in Baja, toured Japan with Natalia Zukerman, and hosted three snow leopard cubs in a benefit for the Nashville Zoo. Performed with Angela Aki, dueted with Mary Black, and wrote one of the most beautiful songs ever with Sister Miriam Therese Winter. And said a very sad goodbye to my dear friend Anne McCaffrey. One of my fondest memories of Annie is taking her to visit her old friend Andre Norton when she stayed with us in Nashville. RIP, Annie, you are much beloved.

Next year promises to be a little calmer, though I've already accepted dates in Glasgow, Dublin, Belfast, and Tel Aviv!

In the meanwhile, the annual Forum Auction for Pearl will end December 5th. We have a lot of fabulous items this year, including stunning handmade baskets like the one pictured here. 100% of your payment goes to the Pearl Foundation, so get your wallets out and head over there! Yes, you have to join the Message Board/Forum to bid, but it's not that hard - just go here. And joining the Forum doesn't mean we send you emails or bother you in any way. For that, you have to join the email list!

This has been a real year of change and challenge, as I head into my 60's and come to terms with the inevitable. The hard part, I'm finding, is not figuring out what I want to do. It's figuring out how to get there!

I have to say, I had more fun on this last tour of Benelux/UK than I've had in years. I'm not sure why - maybe because the crews were so great, the weather held, the audiences and venues were fantastic and mostly sold out? - or just because I'm starting to realize that touring will be finite - but I had a fantastic time.

In our continuing efforts to hold ticket prices by staying "lean and mean," Lee found a promising bus for next year's touring, and a giant tortoise I could ride if all else failed. We tasted fries with curried mayo dressing in Holland, and rijstaffel with my friends Ineke and Sandra, then discovered what anchovies really look like. (Not pretty, I assure you.)

I arrived home with 48 hours to unpack, answer mail, take care of business and re-pack for our annual vacation with sister-in-law Judy down on the Gulf, in the "forgotten Florida." As you can see, Judy had a terrific birthday!

In honor of the season and the struggling-but-recovering economy, we're holding a small website sale. Check out the lowered prices, which will stay that way until the New Year. Our tiny contribution to your holidays, with thanks from all of us for your continuing support of my work, my music, and the Pearl Foundation.

I think that about wraps it up. Happy holidays all!

Janis Ian


The Amazing Dutch hot dog

The Amazing Dutch hot dog

Clamped van outside Cadogan hall.

Clamped van outside Cadogan Hall

The next tour bus?

The next tour bus?

Or maybe this will be the next bus...

Or maybe this will be the next bus...

Judy's Birthday

Judy's birthday

Maute basket

Maute basket

Hot News
  • Stars audiobook on CD finally available here!

    Stars: Original Stories Based on the Songs of Janis Ian is now available in our online store as a CD audio book. Featuring original short stories by 30 top SF writers, including one by Janis, with her singing the prologue to each and narrating many.

  • The Singer & The Song & Stars both nominated for 2015 Audie Awards!

    Two projects very dear to Janis' heart have both been nominated for prestigous Audie Awards! The audiobook for Miriam Therese Winter's The Singer & The Song, as well as the audiobook for the Stars anthology of science fiction songs based on songs by Janis, have both been honored with nominations.

  • And now, on to the tour!

    As you can see on the right, I'll be touring with Tom Paxton - and doing some solo shows - a lot this spring!

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