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Thread: Barbie As Karen Carpenter?

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    Wow, that was hard to watch but appreciate you sharing it Jack as well as the talent of the directors.

    Back in the early 70's strangers would frequently come up to me and say, "Do you know you look like Karen Carpenter?" Well, no I didn't know as I didn't have brown hair or bangs and wasn't thin, though this was before she lost the weight. So it must have been the face. So in addition to her singing, she was special to me. Still get teary after all these years...

    Anorexia nervosa is the deadliest psychiatric disorder. As is often the case, Karen Carpenter was a victim of sexual abuse. I read on another website that Richard claims when she died she had not lost any weight in several months, was not abusing laxatives or exhibiting any anorexic type behavior, and that the reason she died was that the doctors fattened her up too rapidly. Something about him gives me the creeps..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roady
    Still get teary after all these years...

    Me too. Whenever I hear her sing certain songs (particularly "Someday" and "Rainy Days And Mondays").

    I didn't know she was sexually abused. That's awful. How sad that somebody so gifted had to have her life twisted by that. As an abuse survivor (albeit not sexual abuse, thank God), that gives me another reason to identify with her.

    I don't know what to make of Richard. He's certainly a huge talent in his own right, and played a big role in creating their sound. When they were popular I felt uneasy with him too -- loved her, not him. Now I don't know. I've come to appreciate his talent a lot more over the years. On their official site he answers musical and technical questions from fans in great detail, which is generous of him, and he comes across as extremely bright and fairly open. Maybe he's mellowed over the years.
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